We are leaders who are heading in the direction of offering new solutions, new visions and new views in this fast-paced world. Together, we are working on creative and innovative projects that include activities to improve the economic climate in the country, eliminate bureaucratic obstacles and barriers, social and economical development. This is helpful not only for Macedonia, but also for the region, helpful for the whole planet as well, because we live in a world in which the global has really become local.

The members of the organization are constantly involved in a number of processes that aim to help and facilitate the process of generating solutions to overcome the current challenges in a number of areas and improving the overall infrastructure. This is reflected through the numerous trainings, seminars and conferences organized by ISLAA in cooperation with state bodies and institutions in order to improve the current situation in the country through mutual cooperation and mutual support.

You can expect from us to be valuable, to be fulfilling, but always ethically predetermined. In each of our decisions there is a perception of the consequence of that decision, and the knowledge we acquire we endeavor to stay and be every time in our thoughts and a few steps ahead of the others, to think each time from the aspect of the future and to perceive all the consequences of our decisions that we must make, to be aware of all that has been transferred to us, what we need to preserve and transmit to the next generations.

We are not leaders of the future, we are leaders of the present, because we create a reality that becomes history.