Ivanov School of Leaders Alumni Association

Gjorgji Janakiev

Can you tell us, what is your education background and work experience? 

I can say for myself that I have very diverse education. I finished my high school as an electric technician in electronic, my bachelor degree is from Military academy – aviation officer – pilot. After few years of brake, I resume my education and simultaneously finished two master programs. The first one is Master of Business Administration MBA at Franklin University, USA and the second one is Joint degree program between University of Strasbourg and St Ciril and Methodious University Skopje, where I took Master in Intellectual Property Law. Currently I’m studying my Doctoral Program in Entrepreneurship and SME Management, which is joint program between University of Bologna, University of Barcelona and University St. Kliment Ohridski Bitola. 

What is your biggest driver in life, what motivates you to do your job? What is Your Greatest Accomplishment? 

These two are tough questions. For the first one, seems my motivation is coming from my personality. I do not need special drivers to motivate myself in order to get the job done. I just need to see that the job ahead is challenging enough, so I can enjoy while I’m working. As for my accomplishments, I think that I’m in to early stage in my development to speak for great accomplishments. However, I accomplished many things in the past in order to improve the life of my family which I’m proud off. 

Any job values that you would like to share with us? 

Well, there are few things that people need to have in order to be successful. I’ll just mention few of them: strong will, positive attitude, adaptability, and taking responsibility. 

How is networking important for you and your career? What do you think in general about networking?

I can say that networking is most important for people who want to be successful in their life. To know people is a treasure. Some Western scientists are seeing networking as an investment with very high pay off. I have invested in my networking, and I can say that knowing people in different segment of society is facilitating any job that needs to be done.

What do you do when you don't work? What are your hobbies? 

My free hours are only during the weekends. During that time, I want to travel with my family; sometimes we are renting a plane and fly around the country. The goal is to pay as much attention to my family as it can bee, so that time is arranged by them.

Do you prefer/play any sports?  

I love to ski and swim. But my work obligations are not allowing too much sport time. However I’m finding time for my bodybuilding work outs at least three times a week. 

What kind of books do you like reading, what is your last read book?

I read a lot of books, mainly literature for my education. However, I love to read free literature, something easy to read, something Dan Brown stile. My last read book is The Tesla Legacy by Robert G. Barrett.