Ivanov School of Leaders Alumni Association

Elmas Hasanovic

Can you tell us, what is your education background and work experience?

I finished the State Medicine High School of the Town Skopje "d-r Panche Karagjozov" as a one of the best in generation,and I was also awarded from the Executive Board of the Medicine High School with "Gratitude for special achievements in promoting the school in all public appearances".During my education at the high school also I was representing my schoool at the Fair for Education and Science, where as a team-leader of my school we won the Golden medal. After that, guided of the personal desire to work for a some of the law enforcement institutions, most precisely for the Department of Crime Scene Investigations, I enrolled myself at the State Faculty of Security - Skopje (ex Police Academy). In period of 3 years in row, I was chosen to be team-leader I was representing the Faculty of Security - Skopje at all public appearances. In 2009 year, as a team-leader I had the honor to take a fingerprints of Our distinguished President of Republic of Macedonia, H.E d-r Gjorgje Ivanov, at His first public appearance after the official inauguration as a President of Republic of Macedonia. I graduated in the group of the best 5 in generation and also I was arawded from the Dean of Faculty of Security - Skopje with "Gratitute for special achievements in promoting the goals of Faculty of Securty - Skopje". In 2011, I was awarded from the North Carolina Police Department with Certificate of bravery, for assisting in arresting of criminal wanted with warrant. In 2012 I got a job in the Government of the Republic of Macedonia - General Secretariat. In august the same year, I become member of the 3rd Generation of the Ivanov School for Young Leaders,organized by the President of the Republic of Macedonia H.E d-r Gjorgje Ivanov. From April ,2013 to April 2014, I had the pleasure to work for the President of the Republic of Macedonia,as a Junior Associate. In 2014 I registrated Foundation, named as a "Foundation Justicia" which as a goal have to spread the culture of legality of Judge Giovanni Falcone. As a honorable members of FOUDNATION JUSTICIA are: Maria Falcone (sister of the famous judge Giovanni Falcone and President of NGO of United Nation "Giovanni e Francesca Falcone") President of the Court of Palermo - Judge Leonardo Guarnotta ( only one survived of the Falcone's team against mafia) Loredana Introini ( 1st assistant of Foundation Giovanni e Francesca Falcone) and Muhamed Mesic (polyglot, senior legal adviser, diplomat and international lawyer) . Also, on my personal initiative it was organized Conference for organized crime and mafia, at the Faculty of Security Skopje, where main speakers were Maria Falcone ( President of the NGO of U.N - Fondazione "Giovannie e Francesca Falcone") Leonardo Guarnotta (President of the Court of Palermo, the only one of the team of Falcone who succeed to survive the fight against mafia) and m-r Mitko Chavkov ( Director of Bureau for Public Security). I would like to underline that I was peronal initiatior of signing Bilateral Agreement between the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Republic of Macedonia and NGO of U.N - Fondazione "Giovannie e Francesca Falcone" - for cooperation in fight against organized crime and mafia. In December 2014, I've been elected as Vice-President of Ivanov School for Leaders Alumni Association (ISLAA), as well as Coordinator of the Subcommittee for foreign affairs.

What is your biggest driver in life, what motivates you to do your job? What is Your Greatest Accomplishment?

My idol is judge Giovanni Falcone, who succed to change the modern history of Italy, related with the crime organization in that country.He was one and only who step on the way of the biggest criminals in the world, and find a crucial evidence to arrest them. This is something what we all have to respect,because we are all faced with different types of people which are related with criminal organization which are trying to steal the citizens money. All of my accomplishments are greatest for me, but I would separate the Certificate of the North Carolina Police Department,as well as being member of the Cabinet of the President of the Republic of Macedonia H.E d-r Gjorgje Ivanov, and being initiator for signing a Bilateral Agreement for cooperation in fight against organized crime and mafia between Ministry of Internal Affairs of Republic of Macedonia and NGO of U.N Fondazione ''Giovanni e Francesca Falcone".

Any job values that you would like to share with us?

I am following 4 types of principles : 1.Righteousness, 2.Honesty 3.Legality 4. Effeciency and effectiveness

How is networking important for you and your career?What do you think in general about networking?

Networking is very important for me,because on that way I am making private and business contacts which will help me in future for successful accomplishment of any kind of problem with which I will face in future. Also, I see as a chance to learn more from the other professionals, for different fields in which I am interested in, and as a tool for knowledge and different attitudes for questions of common interest.

What do you do when you don't work? What are your hobbies?

When I have free time I like to walk, going in swimming pool and swim or I'm going in gym. Also, I am mountaineer - I like to climb on mountains.

Do you prefer/play any sports?

Gym, running and from martial arts - selfdefence movements.

Any favorite book /movie /TV show?

Cento Passi - Italian criminalistic movie. CSI TV series Gangsters Squad