Ivanov School of Leaders Alumni Association

Our organisation

Ivanov School of Leaders Alumni Association (ISLAA) is based in Skopje, Macedonia, and joins over 150 young Macedonian leaders from business, civil society, politics and academia. All of us come from diverse cultural, ethnic, and religious backgrounds and live in Macedonia or other countries in Europe. ISLAA is fully devoted to fulfilling its vision, mission and statute, by developing and implementing innovative initiatives. The alumni bear moral and collective responsibility to support ISLAA’s activities and abide by the universal principles of solidarity, equality and mutual respect. 

Our Vision:

ISLAA’s vision is to establish itself as a strongly interconnected alumni association by creating an influential leadership entity.



Philip T. Susmann

It was a great pleasure to meet and interact with such an interesting an talented group of emerging leaders. They are passionate concerning their country and future. An opportunity to bring them all together to create both personal and professional connections and friendships will pay dividends for them and the country. It is a wonderful idea and I am honored to participate. The staff from the President office were efficient and extended hospitality. Thank you and good luck

Patrick Jephson - Former Private Secretary, Princess Diana And New York Times Bestselling Author

What a wonderful opportunity to experience the beauty of Macedonia and the unlimited potential of the future leaders. It has been a privilege and a pleasure to spend time with you. Best of luck for this and future forums.

Jorge Diener- International Director of Special Projects for Hadassah International

For the second time I have shared with you my time and knowledge in framework of this good initiative. With 100 leaders who have participated in this program on the last 3 years, I am confident Macedonia will continue to move into the right path.