Ivanov School of Leaders Alumni Association

Our organisation

Ivanov School of Leaders Alumni Association (ISLAA) is based in Skopje, Macedonia, and joins over 150 young Macedonian leaders from business, civil society, politics and academia. All of us come from diverse cultural, ethnic, and religious backgrounds and live in Macedonia or other countries in Europe. ISLAA is fully devoted to fulfilling its vision, mission and statute, by developing and implementing innovative initiatives. The alumni bear moral and collective responsibility to support ISLAA’s activities and abide by the universal principles of solidarity, equality and mutual respect. 

Our Vision:

ISLAA’s vision is to establish itself as a strongly interconnected alumni association by creating an influential leadership entity.



Dr.Jenifer Less – Marshment

I have been very impressed by the Government creating a leadership school – all governments should do this! The benefits to the country will be profound – through long term. The school exposes young leaders to a vast range of new ideas, equipping them not just for now, but the future. It provokes them to be open to thinking differently, and changing their approach.

Paul D. Wohlers- U.S Ambassador to the Republic of Macedonia

I’m honored to be participating for the first time in President Ivanov’s School for Young Leaders Conference. This is a wonderful initiative by President Ivanov that I am sure will pay huge dividends over the years for Macedonia + all its citizens. Leadership + young leaders in particular on the foundation of a country’s future, + the young people I have met today make me very optimistic for the future of this country. I hope to be able to participate in future Young Leaders events + look forward to seeing the work of this young generation in the coming years. Again, congratulations to all those involved in making this event a success!

Felix Unger - President of the European Academy of Arts and Sciences

Congratulations to this outstanding effort – you create the way for our young and therefore next leaders.