Ivanov School of Leaders Alumni Association

Our organisation

Ivanov School of Leaders Alumni Association (ISLAA) is based in Skopje, Macedonia, and joins over 150 young Macedonian leaders from business, civil society, politics and academia. All of us come from diverse cultural, ethnic, and religious backgrounds and live in Macedonia or other countries in Europe. ISLAA is fully devoted to fulfilling its vision, mission and statute, by developing and implementing innovative initiatives. The alumni bear moral and collective responsibility to support ISLAA’s activities and abide by the universal principles of solidarity, equality and mutual respect. 

Our Vision:

ISLAA’s vision is to establish itself as a strongly interconnected alumni association by creating an influential leadership entity.



Tom Antonissen- EU Affairs Adviser at The Association of European Vehicle Logistics - ECG, European Affairs Adviser at EUreSupport, Former Director of Policy & Institutional Affairs at European Union Road Federation (ERF)

May I first congratulate you and your staff for the excellent project of setting up a School for young leaders in your country. Now in its 3rd year , the project clearly succeeds in bringing bright young people together from different background and through its networking aspect and Alumni association I have to admit that the future and sustainability of your objective is secured! It was therefore my pleasure and sincere honor to be able to participate as a lecturer and transmit my personal passion for “Lobbying in Brussels “ – I certainly hope to remain involved and express my support for your country.

Christopher Yvon - British Ambassador to the Republic of Macedonia

Many thanks for the kind invitation to speak – and to listen too! May I wish you all the very best success – to the School and to all Macedonian’s Young Leaders past and present.

Ralf Bergman- Friedrich Ebert Foundation

It is nice to be here in the workshop for young leaders. The students represent a wonderful country; they have a lot of good ideas for the future of Macedonia so it was a pleasure for me to be a member of the lecturer team.