Monika Risteska

Monika Risteska was born on the outskirts of Warsaw on 29.09.1988. She has always been an excellent student, continuously scoring highest grades. She participated in many competitions, gaining many awards, which proves her competitive spirit. You can see the details about her in her CV.
She has drivers license with the categories: A1, A, B, C and C1. She has a solid knowledge of computers and the Internet; Macedonian and Polish are her native languages, but she is also fluent in English. She learns quickly, loves new challenges and she works precisely. She is addicted to adrenaline.
As her positive qualities we can emphasize: persistence, endurance, determination, courage, dedication to work, self-discipline, accuracy, fairness, precision and maximum responsibility. She has the desire and enthusiasm to continuously acquire new skills and contacts, because she is an excellent communicator. She works excellent individually and in groups and she’s adaptable to any kind of situations and she exudes positive energy.
She spends her free time in various creative ways: she’s an activist in several NGO-s, philanthropist, humanist and blood donor; she makes handmade jewelry and clothing; She loves photography, drawing, extreme sports and music.
Motto: “There is no female mind! The brain is not an organ of sex.”
“The more you live, the less you die.”